Them: New Avengers Volume 3: Other Worlds (Marvel Now) (New. New Avengers Volume 3: Other Worlds (Marvel Now) (New Avengers: Marvel Now!) (9780785154846): Jonathan Hickman, Simone Bianchi, Rags Morales: Books

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New Avengers Volume 1: Everything Dies (Marvel Now) (New. New Avengers Volume 1: Everything Dies (Marvel Now) (New Avengers: Marvel Now!) (9780785166610): Jonathan Hickman, Steve Epting: Books

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Marvel NOW! - Wikipedia Marvel NOW! is a comic book branding for the relaunch of several ongoing comic books published by Marvel Comics, that originally debuted in October 2012 with new #1.

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The New Avengers (comics) - Wikipedia Volume 1 (2005–2010) The New Avengers is a spin-off of the long-running Marvel Comics series The Avengers. The first issue, written by Brian Michael Bendis and.